“Health is not merely the absence of disease.  It is the perfect balance of mind, body and soul”.

I wasn’t always healthy.  It all started during my first year of medical school.  I have just moved to the Czech Republic to study at university and I was living in a dormitory.  I didn’t really have the time to cook healthy meals and was keeping my energy up by eating store-bought yogurts, granola bars and tons of sugary junk.  Coupled with very late nights studying, the effect of this lifestyle was sure to take its toll on my health.  First, I started experiencing severe IBS symptoms, which is actually inflammation in the intestines. My body stopped efficiently digesting food and I started becoming weaker and thinner by the day.  My hair would fall out in heaps.  I started having really bad pain in my joints and sometimes couldn’t muster up the energy to go out of the house, let alone do some exercise.  My skin became dry and scaly.   The worst of all was this localised stabbing pain in my lower abdomen that would last for days.  Add chronic fatigue and migraines to the picture, at just 22 years old I felt like a complete wreck.  Many doctors’ appointments and no results later, I realised that only I had the power to heal myself.  I refused to take painkillers, because I never believed in masking the problem from the surface.  

Instead, I made drastic changes to my diet.  I cut out processed junk and gluten.  Incorporated more whole foods like vegetables, seeds, eggs, organic poultry and fish.  Cutting out gluten alone made a huge shift in how I felt.  The pain in my lower abdomen was gone within weeks.  In a couple more months, I noticed that I started growing new hair.  About a year into my new diet, I noticed that I didn’t have the severe weakness and joint pain anymore, and I was happy to start going on longer walks in the forest again and exercising.  As my body healed, I started incorporating more and more foods into my diet.  For example, I started tolerating good quality, fermented organic dairy again, after years of not being able to eat it.  That just goes to show the amazing healing capabilities of our bodies when we give them the tools to heal.

 These events marked the start of my health journey which lasts to this day.  I am still not completely okay.   But I’d say I am about eighty percent better than I was a few years ago.  I exercise a few days a week now, I jog and go for long walks.  I have more energy to study, to cook, to travel, be with friends and to spend time with my husband and play with our cat.

I am excited to start sharing my health journey with others.  
I hope my website will bring inspiration and a world of health to you.

Love and Peace.